Once the morning alarm buzzes in an Indian home, at least one person in the house runs to the kitchen to make a magical brew. And while it’s brewing, cups to hold the brew are kept ready, so that no time is wasted in the quest to take the first sip.

We’re talking about the rich masala chai! (‘Chai’ means tea in Hindi.) So, what is it? Masala chai is a spicy-sweet aromatic hot tea! When you take the first sip and feel the spicy-sweet tea go down your throat, you can feel your body rushing to absorb all the goodness from it! This tea can awaken every cell in your body.

But how can tea be spicy? Well, the Indians love their spices so much that they drop them in everything, including tea. That’s where the spiciness (and amazing flavor) comes from!

So, if you want to learn something new, then make a cup of masala chai for your parents. Warning: They might ask you to make it daily, once they taste it.


The first step is to ask an adult at home to help you prepare it: 

Heat water in a pan. Add some crushed green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black peppercorns, grated, black tea leaves, and sugar into the hot water. Let this magic potion brew for five minutes and then pour in a generous quantity of milk (this is important). After five minutes, turn off the heat. Carefully lift the pan and pour the chai into a cup through a strainer – the strainer will hold back the tea leaves and spice powder, and send only smooth masala chai into your cup. Go on, try it!