The Mysticals snuck into a satellite factory in the United Kingdom (UK) silently. Scorch stepped onto a box, and it made a rattling sound. “Shhh,” hushed Orak, “Be mindful, Scorch. Humans cannot catch us. I want you all to see something extraordinary.”

Orak brought all the Mysticals before a knitting machine and said, “This knitting machine can make a satellite!”

Verum was confused, “How is that possible, Orak?”

Orak explained, “Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) and Oxford Space Systems (OSS) are two famous rocket companies in the UK. They have joined hands to create a satellite called CarbSar. The speciality of this satellite is that the companies plan to use a knitting machine and make a knitted satellite firmly.”

“I remember that a satellite is an object placed in space. Do you mean like how Verum knits needles?” asked Scorch.

“Yes. But, it is a much bigger machine,” replied Orak, “It is knit with tungsten (a chemical element) wire. It can hold heavier weights. The mesh is attached to rods wound like a circle. Once the satellite enters the orbit, the mesh opens up like a vast umbrella.

The satellite will use a radar antenna to find its location. OSS is doing many practices in its factory to ensure the mesh movement is proper.”

CarbSar is a low-cost knitted radar satellite that will peer through clouds and study Earth constantly. The rocket companies get funding from the government.”

“We’ll sneak into the factory again when it’s ready,” exclaimed Felix as the Gifted Four silently left the factory.

Orak whispered as they walked out through the door, “This satellite will be ready only next year.”